San Miguel School is dedicated to helping children from challenging environments, regardless of race, nationality or religion, to achieve academic and personal success through a non-tuition driven, Lasallian education. A San Miguel education is designed to prepare students for high school and beyond - typically college or vocational training - to help them become productive adults and break the cycle of poverty.


  • Students  have  a  97%  attendance  rate
  • Small  class  sizes  (student/teacher  ratio  is  12:1)
  • Over  90%  of  San  Miguel  students  graduate  from  high  school  as  opposed  to  the  76.9%  from  Tulsa  Public  Schools
  • All  students  qualify  for  free  and  reduced  lunch.
  • 100%  of  San  Miguel  parents  give  of  their  time,  talent  and  treasure
  • Graduates  attend  local  high  schools  such  as  Bishop  Kelley,  Cascia  Hall,  Holland  Hall,  Booker  T.  Washington  and  Tulsa  School  for  Arts  and  Sciences
  • Our  students  have  graduated  from  post  secondary  institutions  including  TCC,  Oklahoma  State  University,  University  of Oklahoma  and  Northeastern  State  University


Unlike  most  schools,  San  Miguel  receives  no  state  or  federal  funding.  95% of  funding  comes  from private grants and individuals. Parents also provide a modest “copay” for their child’s education and contribute to the school by giving their time and talent.

    At the end of the day, the dreams I have for my child are coming true at San Miguel.
    — San Miguel Parent


    San Miguel Middle School was founded in 2004 by Dr. Curt Adams. Influenced by his Lasallian education at Bishop Kelley High School, he proposed opening a San Miguel school in Tulsa. His doctoral feasibility study asked the question: “where in the city of Tulsa is there a great need for a school dedicated to lifting students out of poverty?”

    The study indicated an overwhelming need in the area surrounding Lewis Avenue and Admiral Boulevard, the Kendall Whittier neighborhood. Under Dr. Adams’ leadership, San Miguel Middle School was opened with one sixth grade class of twenty-five students.
    The school was first located in the basement of St. Francis Xavier Church. A grade was added each of the following two years to complete the middle school targeted enrollment of seventy-five students. In 2014, a new, freestanding San Miguel School was built across the street from the church.

    A Catholic school in the educational tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle, San Miguel Middle School of Tulsa is one of 14 independent San Miguel schools in the United States.